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There are three areas of education that consumers try to become more aware of, usually.

1. Conservation – Replacing energy-hungry light bulbs with newer, energy-saving bulbs is a starting point.

2. Offset/Generate – Using power at different times of the day like non-high usage times when everyone else is drawing from the grid is one example.

3. Investing in Alternative Energy Sources – Setting up your own systems and/or investing in companies that have good systems available have a very positive effect on the markets as well as the psychy of everyone.

Conserving Energy

Conserving energy starts with what you can do in your home. It’s as easy as developing habits that go against convention. Replacing energy-wasting lightbulbs, switching off lights when you leave the room, keeping your air conditioning on at the minimum requirement, etc. will all have an impact.

Other things like doing laundry later in the evening, doing dishes by hand or using the dishwasher during off-peak hours will also help. There are energy-saving lists available that others post online that you can search for. Just google for them and you will be amazed at what you find.

Other ideas include plugging the cracks and crevices in your doors and windows to reduce drafts, installing programmable thermostats and use low flow showerheads. In fact, a very common thing now is to look for products that have the Energy Star sticker on them. These appliances have been certified to use less energy.

Even more ideas:

  • Unplug appliances that are seldomly used. This can save $10 each month on your utility bill. Keep ALL gadgets, chargers and tools unplugged until you need them. This includes power bars.

  • Let computers hibernate or sleep. Each computer will have a setting that allows this.

  • Refrigerators have temperature controls that should be set to between 38 and 42 degrees. Freezers should be set to between 0 – 5 degrees.

  • Replace filters in the dryer and vacuum.

About Offsetting Power Usage

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) allow a facility to generate renewable energy in the form of electricity. When you purchase electricity from your supplier, you also gain access to all of the environmental attributes that go along with helping offset your usage of the grid.

You can acquire certificates to offset power usage. To obtain information about acquiring renewable energy certificates, please visit www.green-e.org.

Generating Power

Having the ability to generate your own electricity now has become much easier and less expensive in times past. Especially since governments around the world have mandated their laws to allow for this, the incentive to do so has become much more enticing and the choices are a lot more vast.

But to do so successfully, a plan is best created with the help of professionals in the renewable energy industry. Those who know what the best fit is for your situation will help you come up with the best, most cost-efficient method(s) and can give alternative options.

Getting educated as much as you can early is a good starting point. To help in coming up with a good plan, please contact one of our experts today. You will be glad you did.


What better legacy to leave for your family than to have invested on their behalf in a plan to make their future easier with an investment in a company that is positioned for growth.

Being socially responsible, while making money at the same time is a good combination. The industry has available on-site renewable lending options called ‘Peer To Peer Lending’. An advisor would be happy to tell you more about this and where you can go to get it.

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