Individual Residents and Homeowners

What are homeowners looking for in their energy consumption ?

Continual energy sourcing, savings, control and independence.

Whether the location is in Africa, South America or the Middle East, people who don’t live off a grid and pay municipal taxes for energy consumption don’t have many options.

Having your own energy source means freedom, and the points made regarding this and the motivations noted above are the catalysts and trigger points that retailers and dealers use to outline the necessities that businesses and homeowners now have options for.

How can homeowners lower their fuel bills through alternative energy?

What most families have had to make choices of usually came down to the typically-provided sources of fossil fuels and energy to power and heat/cool their homes. These choices came down to 1. Electricity (through traditional power sources, coal and/or nuclear power), 2. Gas or 3. Oil.

With the new alternative energies that have come into many markets, homeowners have more options that over the long term will be better for the environment, their pocket book and ease of mind.

Consider the idea of saving $1000/year or more on fuel and electrical bills. For many, it is the satisfaction of not paying their gas company high fees that always seem to go up each year or the local hydro utility ever increasing costs. For many families, electricity costs have gone through the roof by themselves, let alone considering what people have been paying for antiquated oil furnaces.

Imagine never having to worry about power outages or heaven forbid… getting money back for putting energy back on the municipal grid. It is a liberating feeling knowing that this can be achieved if you have a little foresight. After all, although the savings will happen instantly, once your system is installed, the overall installation cost will take some time to pay itself off.

Installations don’t have to be complete and system-wide. An installation can mean retro-fitting radiators with TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves). These retrofits can easily meet the demand for hot water as well providing even temperature throughout your home.

There are many products available to consider for your home, so it pays to do some research and find out what is available on the market. A representative would be happy to explain what is available along with associated costs, advantages, benefits and features of specific products you might have been looking into or have been given information for previously.

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