Are renewable and solar energy systems a good investment?

Yes! Considering the cost to build infrastructure to supply electricity and the impact of current heating, lighting and electrical solutions, solar is a good investment. It is available now. It has little to no environmental impact and can eliminate the health, safety and educational issues of fuel based systems.

What are the hazards of fuel based systems?

Fuel based systems are hazardous reasons. They are obviously a fire risk. In addition, fuel based systems can contaminate food and cause illness.The light produced by fuel based systems is dim and makes it difficult read and write affecting education and learning. Cumbustion also produces toxic by products like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and soot.

There is extensive research on how solar solutions can eliminate these hazards and improve quality of life.

Are there any disadvantages to using solar power or any other renewable energy?

The only disadvantage is really upfront investment for system installation. The cost will be recouped over time and the advantages are becoming more and more evident as time goes by.

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