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What are business owners looking for in their energy consumption ?

As noted for homeowners, similar motivations like continual energy sourcing, savings, control and independence.

For business owners in the countries of Africa and other places around the world that don’t have a supportive energy grid, if you don’t have electrical, solar or other form of power to run the business, you don’t have a business.

Having choice of how that energy supply is delivered is a wonderful thing. Although the motivations aren’t exactly the same as in other parts of the world, the need still is.

How a dealer or retailer promotes the setup and service is dictated from what benefit the business owner will get from it. On a case-by-case basis, understanding the business operator’s position and point of reference will become needed, so research is in order before even approaching them. Think of the benefits below to give you some ideas from where to start from.

Commercial Projects

There are three main goals that companies are striving for:
1. Reducing their carbon footprint
2. Reducing bottom line costs
3. Being seen that they are taking a stand on behalf of their community

Projects like replacing street lights with more energy-efficient lights are one such example of a municipality saving money and being seen as looking at detail.

Case Study Example: A Lumber company in Maine?

A well-established lumber company is Saco River Valley, Maine needed to have an alternative energy company install a biomass system into their mill.

They needed to upgrade their boiler system and needed it to be able to cut costs of their oil consumption through a more cost-effective method. Through a new ‘energy from waste’ powered by 100% internal waste, they were able to run their 250hp boiler system.

They used saw dust, which generated heat through the dry kilns and because of this were able to retire two oil filter boilers.

The project included converting the fuel storage and transfer system, updating the biomass boiler, adding a new boiler house and connecting a 600′ piping system.

As a result, the company was able to eliminate the 500 gallon/week oil consumption they were used to and now have a 100% fuelled internal waste system that will have a payback after only two years of operation.

Corporate Responsibility Around the Globe

In a way, the energy sector is being de-regulated since homeowners and businesses are taking more responsibility for their own power sourcing. With this in mind, it is more important than ever that companies are being held to account for proper development of their products and systems.

Global Energy Solutions is working tirelessly to make sure that our products, systems, customer support and technical support are at the highest possible standard of development and bring the value that is expected for the life of the products and services.

Along with dedicated customer support, responsibility to municipalities to ensure that resources are not mismanaged also become a high priority.

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